Who are we?

We are a passionate team, that helps in seeking smart people with passion and ambition to grow successfully in this increasingly competitive world. We partner up to nourish the Franchise growth with highly effective and targeted industry strategies.

Our highly experienced team of franchise consultants has helped business owners to expand their businesses and grow their operations using a proven business model, carefully curated for them by our team of experts. If you have a business you’re considering developing into a franchise, then we can provide the help and advice you’ll need to create a robust and successful franchise model.

So, here we are at FRANCHISE BRIGADE with a Vision & Mission to Highlight and go vocal for our Local Brands to go Global, taking our Legendary and start-up brands from our Country to around the Globe.

What is our Approach?

FRANCHISE BRIGADE takes a far different approach than traditional franchise development service companies. Our team has created the most highly structured, proven, and the best strategy for streamlining the entire process to franchise a company, in any sector, in less than 45 days that is affordable for any business. The team of FRANCHISE BRIGADE has the experience and capability, to utilize our hands-on approach and methodologies to launch your brand and work with you on sustaining your brand’s rapid growth and success! With collective experience in franchising and brand expansion, coupled with our hands-on approach from start to success, franchising and business development with FRANCHISE BRIGADE is a breeze.

We work side-by-side with you, readying your brand for expansion, consulting on every topic, creating tangible services such as your Franchise agreement, operating manuals, and marketing materials, and establishing and growing upon your digital footprint and all the strategy services so that you can leverage the full potential of your brand’s expansion. Our services are rather approached from a relationship perspective that creates a paradigm of transparency, organization, and the building blocks needed to achieve ultimate success for your brand and franchisees. Our different approach for the first time ensures Franchisor success early on and circumvents the costly mistakes a new franchise company can make and sets your brand on a trajectory of success

What is our Franchising Expertise?

Our franchise development team is well-versed and expertly resourceful in handling every step of the franchising process. Our main priority is helping our clients achieve their specific goals. For every business transaction, we give our commitment through utilizing years of professional experience to close every deal to our client’s satisfaction. Our team has a high reputation for business ethics, integrity, and expertise, and efficiently assists successful entrepreneurs from end to end with international standards.

Our qualified franchise professionals develop a strategy for growth; acquire franchisee network and technical support for building successful and sustainable franchise businesses. We are extremely passionate about creating franchise brands. Hence, our trained experts & business mentors help find the right business partners, providing the necessary support with every step of the way, as franchising needs to be rightly followed with the utmost care and systems in place.

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